Rally Hours

Feb 6, 2020


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7am - 3:30pm






900 Court St NE,
Salem, OR 97301

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Timber Unity Convoy to Salem

I can't go but...

February 6th, 2020
State Capitol Salem Oregon

The Details

Our Goal

It's time to stand up and send a message to Salem and our elected officials!

No Cap and Trade 

No abuse of the Short Session

Allow Voters to Decide

What Our Supporters Say

Timber Unity

Shared Values-
One Voice

When we say #TimberUnity, we're not just standing up for the men and women who work in our NW forests.  

Every one of us who is connected to working the land has a voice in #TimberUnity.  

Even if you're not a forester, logger, rancher, trucker, miner, fisher, or farmer, when our jobs go away, it hurts every local business in our community.  

It devastates school funding when we're not properly managing our forests for the Common School Fund.

It hurts our environment when fires ravage our forests.

When mills close, so do entire towns and the prosperity of every person who lives there.

We can no longer support Lawmakers who support special-interests over the working men and women of Oregon.

It's time to stand up and make a change.






Timber unity is an organization and a voice For rural communities they are a voice and a loud voice to represent those of us in smaller rural communities.They are a voice to help stop the threat of tyranny and over taxation that will destroy small businesses and families and small rural communities

Paul Johnson

This group embodies the spirit of a grassroots movement to show their state Senate and House that they are voters, businesses and hard working individuals who will not have their lives uprooted and trampled upon.

Denise Halvorson Leonard

When you think your voice or vote doesn't count - IT DOES. TimberUnity went from a few hundred to over 40k in 3 weeks!


We wrote letters, made phone calls, RALLIED AT THE CAPITOL. We made sure Salem HEARD US. And they did!!

But don't get complacent. This was not and never will be a one time thing. We must all stay abreast of our legislation and what it means to us, our families and friends, and our communities.

Be sure to exercise your RIGHT to VOTE! WE can make a difference!

Andi Toombs

I believe in what they stand for, supporting the working class citizen that is struggling to survive. I believe that something needs to be done about the greedy legislation that has riding on the backs of hard-working people.

Andrea Jacky